Des tours et des détours II

Pure geometric form that depicts a flower in a zen garden

This work of art is as simple as can be, but is stunningly elegant and pleasing to the eye.
It is constructed using simple mathematical formulas of two variables: a Dini, a Boy, and three spheres, combined in such a way as to form a small, balanced and aesthetically pleasing Zen garden.

For the flower I used colored vitreous materials, while the three stones are specular.

The background, completely white, ensures the minimalist touch, while the geometric purity of the objects guarantees the abstract yet recognizable, thanks to the pareidolia.

My inspiration for this composition came from rereading Matila Ghyka (“Aesthetics of proportions in nature and in the arts”) and Benoit Mandelbrot (“Fractal objects: form, chance and dimension”).

This artwork is sold, but you can still find it here.

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