Las Tres Gracias

Aglaea, Thalia, and Euphrosyne, depicted as stylized vases

My initial idea to start a series of 3D artworks representing characters from classical and contemporary stories began when I decided to represent Aglaea, Thalia, and Euphrosyne as stylized candlesticks or vases.

I named this piece “Las Tres Gracias” (Spanish for Three Graces) as a homage to Antonio Canova, the first artist brave enough to depict them in an erotically charged fashion. In his work, the three graces are shown very close together, naked, huddling and hugging each other, while showing the grace of a soft skin (marvelously sculpted by the Italian master). My version encodes the erotism in the convoluted tops, the rounded central parts, and the braided elegance of the bases.

As for the choices of colors and metals, Aglaea is made of gold, symbol of purity and perfection, which are attributes of elegance; Euphrosyne is made of antimony, symbol of a free spirit, a wild nature, attributes of joy and mirth; Thalia, in turn, being made of copper, receives the symbology of feminine beauty, charisma, affection and balance, attributes of youthness and beauty; being surrounded by the deities of happiness and wisdom, this balance is reinforced.

This artwork is available in KnownOrigin Marketplace.

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