Out of the closet

Ignacio is barely 9 years old and he’s already out of the closet, although he doesn’t quite know yet what it’s all about, except for the fact life is now much, much harder than just the ocassional slap in the face and the normal bullying on the school.

He carries a toy cross – Fisher Price brand – that represents the stigma of his being gay at age nine and all the torments it brings: rejection by his own parents, admonishment at church, ridicule from his peers at school, general misunderstanding, patronization from the few gay adults he knows superficially. The carpet, made of EVA foam, is painted with the colors of the LGBTTIQ rainbow; Ignacio is walking the path of his true gender identity, and although it offers him its softness and warmth, it does not help him much in relieving him of the weight of his cross.

In his closet are left his diary, a ball and a trophy from a children’s soccer championship. Without our being able to see them, there is also part of his enclosed identity, of his pride. The hangers scattered on the floor encode the lost acceptance, the act of losing the support due to his decision.


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