Towards an onchain new paradigma

This artwork is completely onchain; I’m only using a homebrewed render to turn hexa into binary data, and that’s it.

The image that opens this first article is stored onchain, in this transaction on mainnet Ethereum. I spent about ARS 2500 to upload it, counting the fees and all such. A bargain, isn’t?

To be honest, I did some experimentation the last days. In another transaction, I stored a tiny poem:

I am a wandering ice ghost
in a world of wild fire;
Born in the winter, gone with the blaze.
Faded, ethereal, omnipresent.

I was feeling a little blue that day. To resume the topic here, now I have two of the three elements that I need to start minting onchain art: the last of them is a smart contract that I can customize to accept my own URI for the image, and that I can modify later if needed (for example, if I decide to move this server to another domain). The ideal scenario is that both the creator and the current owner can change the image URI.

While my original intention was to provide a series of poems and short stories, @digitalartchick was quicker than me; she launched EtherPoems some days ago with great success. But nonetheless, I can still provide an alternative way for writers and #SMOL artists to upload their artworks directly on the blockchain, on an individual transaction, that will be used later as the source for as many tokens they want to mint. In my approach, the artwork is stored once, then referenced by a URI that I’ll provide in this server, or a copy of the PHP so they can host it on their own.

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