Artworks donated for the Trans Emergency Fund!

When NiftyPride decided to launch an emergency fund for trans people, it was clear for me that I had to collaborate in some way. Well, what better than donating my latest two Foundation drops? Both “Out of the Closet” and “Venus’ Remorse” are now displayed in a NiftyPride Cryptovoxels’ Gallery, and NiftyPride announced my presence in the charity auction.

This entire weekend you will meet cool people at the event! Starting tomorrow (June 26, 2021) at 11 AM (Central Time, that would be 3PM in GMT), and ending the next day at 8 PM (again, 1 AM in GMT).

The charity auction in NIFTY PRIDE will be on and will require enough WETH in your wallet. It’s strongly advised that you join first the NiftyPride Discord Channel so you can get a better idea on how it works.

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