Onchain art, new contract, new horizons

I’ve been busy, so busy… I did a lot, even when I was exhausted to begin with. My daily job is getting up to date (my own sanity is happy for that). I researched, developed and deployed my own smart contract months ago, just by the time I finished the artworks for the Trans Emergency Fund.

My own contract is deployed on the Polygon network (a secondary layer of the Ethereum protocol), and so far I have six items minted there. The very first is a poem that can be read in text mode in OpenSea. So far, poetry was stored as a image over stored IPFS. With my contract and the subjacent html5 layout, it can be presented as pure text rendered as html.

The second mint is #onchain #trashart: “Ce n’est pas une ordure”, and is an onchain-stored webp image that only requires an external wrapper to make it visible and available for the old web (as there’s no native way yet to read data directly from blockchains). It’s still available for purchase! It only costs 0.1337 ETH.

Another interesting piece is my Binary Clockchain: a binary clock that works in real time, via html5 + JS + canvas, and I like to call my first “smart asset”. Was sold almost immediately for 1.25 ETH.

Finally, I managed to create a prototype for a self-reading ebook. I embedded one of my earliests works (a short story about a kid on time-out and the pareidolias he sees) inside an HTML document that contains a small script to divide the text in pages. The entire experiment can be seen here. Good news: you can buy it for 1.337 ETH!

Oh, there’s one more token: a pin embedded on a navigable, interactive map! It’s the same principle as the self-reading book, only it contains a OSM canvas and some geo-coding. Yours for 2 ETH.

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