Clockchains: onchain timepieces

After a month and a half of working during my weekends, I’m about to launch (along with hydrate.eth) a collection of 365 onchain timepieces, Clockchains.

The collection is comprised of 365 tokens distributed in five tiers: Stygian Chronosphere, Taskukello, Clepsydra, Shizhong, and Horologium; each one has its own traits.

As for the contract, it allows to update the html/JS template, along with the token URI via update tx while the server runs the template locally; once the tx succeeds, we simply switch to the onchain template.

You can run the clocks on almost any device that includes a browser. The one displayed here, for example, is the token #0, which has this tokenURI:

I used a custom mint function, MassMint (or “Big Bang”) to generate all the tokens at once. Then, a still not widely used event, ConsecutiveTransfer. Since this collection doesn’t require users to mint the tokens (as they are pre-minted), we saved a lot of money in gas by doing so. OpenSea handles this very well, while Rarible seems to be blind to those tokens that were minted and still are being held in my wallet. Except for that (and for Rarible not being able to show the interactive content), both the contract and the template are working smoothly, waiting for our official launch this week. Hope you like it, and let’s go together to the Moon!

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