About me

On a long bike trip and spiritual retirement back in 2008, one of the happiests times of my life.
I only use the following ETH address to mint my art. Reject anything minted under any other addy.

I was born and lived for the first 24 years of my life in the city of Buenos Aires. There I completed my studies and got my first jobs. Then I became independent, moved to the suburbs, and since then I have always lived on my own.

Before devoting myself to both art and software developing, I was a private policeman, baker, pharmacy cadet, metal worker, CNC machinist and technical draftsman. In those jobs I always had time for daydreaming during the long idle times.

A long journey back home

In 2008, after several years of uninterrupted and exhausting work that burned out my brain, I decided to take a month of radical rest: leave everything behind to go by train to Tucumán (a province in northern Argentina) and try to settle there. I had no luck with the settlement, and even less with getting another train ticket: I had to return from there riding my bike, thus beginning the greatest adventure of my life: 1200 kilometers on a MTB.

I learned a lot during that trip. It opened my mind to many realities different from my own. It connected me with the Universe, with Pachamama, with freedom and also with risk. Day by day I would walk sixty kilometers, rest in a town square, buy a few fruits with the little money I had left, and spend the night in my tent, in the outskirts of town or in a camping site. If there was a storm, I would look for a bus stop to take shelter there. I would wash up at gas stations, and every two or three days at those same gas stations I would eat a decent meal of meat, potatoes and salt. Did I mention that sometimes, during the hot November days, I drank twenty liters of water in a day? That caused me to lose a lot of minerals, which I could only replace by eating bananas, oranges and seasoned meat.

When I started the trip I was overweight and had hypertension. When I arrived in Zárate three weeks later, I was a thin, ragged-looking guy, but happy, healthy and without major health problems.

Last decade

That experience taught me to work to live and not live to work. In 2012 I became unemployed and since then I have been self-employed. I was an electrician, a plumber and finally a software developer, a job I am currently holding part time until I can get comfortable enough to dedicate my full time to art, which is what I am most passionate about in life.

My artistic specialty is 3D modeling and rendering of abstract or allegorical scenes. I also do software developing, from GIS to smart contracts.

I’m currently launching a collection, Clockchains, and working on a project to have ebooks published as NFTs, with an embedded reader and onchain-stored text.

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